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ATTENTION: You Are Probably Overpaying Your Taxes By Thousands Of Dollars Every Year...
Discover The Hidden IRS Approved, Tax Saving Secrets That Are Costing You Thousands Of Dollars Every Year...  
EVERY Small Business Owner Needs These Critical Tax Savings
.....Even If You Love Your Current CPA / Tax Pro / Tax Software ...And You Don't Want To Switch Or Pay Higher Fees
What's Included:
- Immediate access to over 40 Modules with easy to follow videos
 - 90 Minute 1-on-1 call to get you MASSIVE RESULTS!
- walk-Through guides 
- Bi-Monthly group coaching calls
- Exclusive Members Facebook Area 
-Monthly Wealth building Webinar
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What You will Learn:
  •  Vehicles: How to MAXIMIZE your business vehicle deductions and audit-proof your mileage log
  •  Home Office: How to safely deduct the home office, unlocking more than $1,000/yr! 
  • Kids: How your dependent children can save you $3,000 or more every year 
  • Medical Expenses: How to deduct almost every single out-of pocket medical expense, insurance premiums, and procedures not covered by insurance. 
  • Trips and Travel: How to MULTIPLY your spending power by utilizing business travel over personal travel
  • S-Corporations: What you need to know before you start an LLC or an S-Corp, how to stay compliant, and how to MAXIMIZE your deductions through the S-Corp
  • Retirement Options: IRA, Roth IRA, Solo 401k, and many other plans and options EXPLAINED in clear language
Brittany was able to uncover $8,452 in saved taxes in 2017. By doing things she had already been doing anyways, she was able to finally start putting money into their family's retirement savings account
Jeremy was happy he was earning double what he did last year, until he realized the tax bill! By utilizing an S-Corp and other tax savings, Josh was able to save over $12,569 in 2017.
Dani was having her best year ever, earning over $400,000 but feeling like she was paying way too much in taxes! Dani was able to uncover $42,675 tax savings in 2017!
What's Included:
Exclusive Access to Our Community of Entrepreneurs 
  • Bi-Monthly LIVE Q&A video call-ins
  •  Access to an amazing 24/7 community of tax experts, accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, and tax saving minded business owners just like you through our private Facebook group
  •  Ask questions of our community 24/7 and get a diverse range of answers and opinions in as little as just a few minutes
Normally $99.99/mo
Included In Your Membership!
90 Minute Jump Start Call With Jake Adams, CPA 
  • Custom and personalized LIVE One-on-One Financial Call Covering Multiple Areas of Your Business and Personal Finances
  •  An In-Depth Analysis Of Your Goals, Income, Expenses, and Taxes
  •  15 Budgeting Templates To Increase Cash Flow, Decrease Expenses, and Get Your Business Where You Want It To Be 
Normally $499
Included In Your Membership!
Monthly Wealth Building Webinar  
  • Monthly LIVE In-Depth Strategy Sessions designed to help you find more tax savings 
  •  Q&A video call-ins
  •  Covering a wide range of topics from investing, saving for retirement, self directed retirement plans, financing business operations and growth, When to choose an S-Corp, and so much more...
Normally $249/mo
Included In Your Membership!
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